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The eco-HORNO (oven) Project

This project will address the problem of smoke pollution which is detrimental to the eyes and respiratory system of the baker and people living in the immediate neighbourhood. An improved oven design will also significantly reduce the baker’s fuel consumption and exposure to extreme heat.

Many men and women use the traditional “hornohan” for their home-based businesses of making bingka (sweet rice cake with coconut), tortas, breads (filled or plain) and cakes made of cassava, ube, wheat and sweet rice. In most cases, one does not earn enough to pay for the medical costs of treating illnesses such as cancer, eye and skin infections and lung diseases which result from long term exposure to smoke and intense heat. By reducing fuel consumption and exposure to radiant heat and by removing the smoke from the cooking environment and immediate neighbourhood, the eco-HORNO Project can bring better health and higher living standards to poor families in the Philippines.

Traditional Horno (oven)

Baking Bingka -- Note Excessive Smoke

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