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The eco-STOVE Project

Nathan Johnson spent eight days at Felipa Beach, Dumaguete City, Philippines from May 26-June 3, 2006, to redesign the Justa Stove used in Central America to meet the specifications set out by Rebecca Arrieta Vermeer for a vented stove suitable for Filipino style of cooking. Nathan and Rebecca supervised the construction of the eco-STOVE by two Filipino masons/carpenters. By mid-July 2006, the eco-STOVE was fully operational, much to the delight of the cooks at Felipa Beach. The eco-Stove does not produce any smoke and does not expose the cook to intense heat. The eco-STOVE uses only waste fuel from rotted wood and bamboo fences, shrubs, coconut and other trees growing at Felipa Beach. All the cooking at Felipa Beach was converted from GASUL (propane gas) into the eco-STOVE and it is expected that within 12 months, the fuel savings will pay for the cost of constructing the eco-STOVE. The performance of the eco-STOVE is being monitored.

Nathan and Rebecca are grateful for the preliminary design ideas on the Justa Stove provided by Sebastian Africano and other researchers at Trees, Water & People in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (www.treeswaterpeople.org); and for the design of the rocket elbow combustion chamber developed by Aprovecho Research Center in Creswell, Oregon, USA (www.aprovecho.org).

Construction of eco-STOVE

eco-STOVE in USE

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