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The eco-Magic Box Project

As a tribute to the excellent cooks at Felipa Beach, Nathan made a box that cooked without fire, hence the name, eco-Magic Box. The eco-Magic Box is a well-insulated container used to keep a heated pot in a simmering state for hours with no additional heat input. At Felipa Beach, we have cooked traditional Filipino favourites such as beans, humba (pork hocks), crispy pata (leg of pork), and beef pata (leg of beef) to perfect tenderness by bringing all the ingredients to rapid boiling and storing the heated pot inside the eco-Magic Box for 2-3 hours. As the eco-Magic Box uses the principle of “retained heat cooking”, it is a tremendous fuel and time saver; it is smokeless; and it has no radiant heat exposure problem. The durability of the construction materials used in the initial prototype is being monitored while cheaper alternative insulating and construction materials are explored.

eco-Magic Box

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