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Replication of the eco-KALAN Project in other Municipalities in Negros Oriental

Rebecca Arrieta Vermeer and Staff at Felipa Beach are in consultation with the Negros Oriental Division of the Department of Education, the 302nd Infantry (Achiever) Brigade of the Philippine Army, and other municipal governments, schools and communities for the replication of the eco-KALAN Project in their respective jurisdictions. We have made inroads in the town of SIBULAN (Maningcao Daku, Maningcao Gamay, Agan-an); in the mountain villages of SIATON (Cambonbon, Lake Balanan, Managobsob); in 24 schools in Siaton West District; in the mountain communities of Kakha, Avocado,Tamlang, Tamose, Karima, Lo-as and Caigangan in STA. CATALINA;and in 50 schools in STA. CATALINA, ZAMBOANGUITA, DUMAGUETE, SIBULAN, MABINAY, AYUNGON, TAYASAN and CANLA-ON

The usage and performance of the standard (family) size eco-KALAN, commercial size eco-KALAN-C & eco-Magic Box in sponsored communities are being monitored.

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