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What is an eco-KALAN?

An eco-KALAN is a portable stove made of clay consisting of three components: the outer shell (kalan) on which the cooking pot sits; the inner chamber (rocket elbow) where the combustion takes place; and a shelf with air holes to hold the fuel. The space between the kalan and the combustion chamber is filled with wood ash for insulation.

The eco-KALAN comes in two sizes -- eco-KALAN (Standard for family use) and the eco-KALAN-C (Commercial) for carenderias, restaurants, food outlets, fiesta and school use. The eco-KALAN-C has the capacity to cook up to 15 kilos of meat using a large "kawa" shown below.

JOSUE’S eco-KALAN Set-Up -- Wood ash built-up around the eco-kalan over a 2-year period provides counter space; increases the insulation layer and fuel savings; and protects the eco-KALAN from breakage.

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